There are two new additions to the family this year: Mrs Mooley and Mrs Thingalum our chickens, named by a certain young lady who was two at the time. Aside from a brief civil war in February, which was resolved by kidney bean supplement to their diet, they seem very happy and are giving us rather more eggs than we can manage to eat. Bethan’s health has continued to improve slowly but surely to the extent that we managed our first family holiday since her medical problems began 3 years ago and had a wonderful fortnight in France, swimming, eating and playing in sand. And most significantly in October we removed her “button” (gastrostomy feeding tube). She had been eating sufficient to grow for the first time ever. We could not be more delighted. Bethan is now at pre-school and loving it. She is due to make her acting debut as “ a star” in the “activity play” in December. I will try not to cry and embarrass her! We are also happy to announce another potential addition to the family, baby number two, due June 2011. We’ve just had the first scan and all seems well with the baby, even if I have been floored by nausea again! Happy Christmas from Matilda, Nick and Bethan.

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