Villard de Lans

When we did eventually make the journey to France we found the house in good shape and the lawn mown by our kind neighbours. The weeds were looking particularly healthy, and in places were well over a metre tall. One which is new to us is known variously as Goat’s Rue, French Lilac or Spanish Lilac. It is a rather attractive plant and is the origin of the anti-diabetic drug Metformin; but as it had completely smothered some rose bushes it needed drastic pruning.

Alistair joined us in Villard for a few days before heading south to St Raphaël. Alistair incidentally has had a complete change of career. He turned the unpleasant treatment he had received from the management at school into an opportunity, got himself qualified as an Independent Financial Adviser and is now thoroughly enjoying the new challenges and relationships it brings.

Dylan and Reuben walking near Southport.

Eating in the garden at Alistair and Michelle’s

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