We continue to enjoy our family at several generational levels. Bethan has coped with the difficult transition from primary to secondary school and in September started her second year at Guilsborough Academy. Dylan has one more year of primary and a decision to make about where to go next. Josiah and Reuben, obviously have another couple of years to go.

They all, and indeed the wider family did me proud in the spring when I had a musical Birthday Party. The grandchildren performed jointly and severally, Andrew’s family played string quartets and my saxophone group played a number of pieces. After eating we even had a mini ceilidh with a scratch family ceilidh band and improvised calling.

It was all good fun, and much appreciated by me, perhaps nothing more than the obvious enthusiasm of the little ones.

We continue to enjoy France, sometimes in the rain but more often in good weather. We saw wonderful flowers in June and butterflies in August, and it has been a great source of pleasure to be able to share it a little with family and friends.

Oh, and the raspberries you ask? On several of our August walks we found wild raspberries. Dylan and Reuben enjoyed picking them and sharing them round and on one walk as we started up the path that leads eventually to Col Vert we picked them by the handful (and saw lots of butterflies too).

There are still plenty of good things in life, we just need to look for them.

Happy Christmas  and  Love From  Debbie  and  Charlie.

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