You may have noticed, over the years, that we are rather fond of France. This year we managed twelve trips, varying from a couple of days to just under a month. This frenetic activity marked the culmination of an exciting project to build a house. We have enjoyed coming to the Vercors for thirty years and though our flat was lovely it was not large, and it was therefore not easy for visitors. So for some time we have been looking for somewhere bigger. There were bigger places, but none was as nice as our flat, so when a site turned up that had both a convenient location and excellent views we decided to take the plunge. That was over four years ago, so if I try to write up my memoir of the project it will need a longer title than Peter Mayle’s “A Year in Provence.”  

In October we actually moved in, though the house wasn’t quite completed. All ten of us managed to walk, talk, play, eat and even occasionally sleep. It was a very happy event. Once all the plumbing is finished we look forward to being able to host visits there from family and friends.

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