There And so to Sunny(ish) Southport. Last summer, when Dylan was two weeks old, we felt obliged, despite the odd timing, to look around a house that Michelle has loved for a while that had just lowered its asking price. I loved it too and despite getting a buyer for ours in October, it wasn't until April this year that we got the keys. We are feeling very settled now and have got to work in our stereotypical departments: me in cabling and boilers, while Michelle tries very hard to make me think I have a say in the colour scheme (which I appreciate, but actually think it's best that she's really making the decisions)! Dylan continues to keep us on our toes, but normally with a smile on our face at the same time. He started walking in June and we've been trying to keep things out of his reach since. Unfortunately, raising the height of the remote control simply inspires him to climb up anything he can find, in order to reach it. We had a lovely trip to St Raphael in the summer, some of which we shared with Mum and Dad. Dylan got more and more confident in the sea during the holiday and got a taste for two new things: ice cream, and sand! On our return we got to work planning three parties for his first birthday and am pleased to say that he enjoyed them all, as did we.  Alistair, Michelle and Dylan.

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