Dear Friends,

I must get to the point. You don't want to read my interminable musings. Debbie and I remain well, and continue to enjoy the company of our children and grandchildren.
Bethan is now eight, and thriving. She took her 'cello to school one day for a lesson and came back with a violin. I am not sure which one she will continue with, but Josiah has noticed that the violin is more squeaky than the 'cello!

Josiah and Reuben are both four and have started school. Dylan, now six, sends us eMails before Alistair has a chance to check them, but they seem pretty sensible to us. They were pretty tired by half term but all four managed to take Hazler Hill (one of our local hills)
at a run last weekend.

We have enjoyed more frequent visits to Church Stretton from the family this year. Unfortunately the reason, or at least part of the reason, is that Debbie's father has not been so well. He came to Southport with us in June but decided against going to France, and has pretty well stayed put since then. We are fortunate to have found some excellent carers so he is staying at home and Debbie is able to spend a lot of time with him.

In August we enjoyed an extended family get together with Christine (a niece) and Neil's wedding in Cornwall. Though this was my side of the family, Jon and Jane came to 'babysit' for our grandchildren, ably aided by Bryony and little Anouska. She is only two and a half but had no hesitation in telling the boys what to do. We had a lovely time despite the rain!

In September I managed to get together with three other saxophonists to form a quartet. It is great fun and we have our first public outing next week; at a recycling centre!

I shall refrain from commenting on politics. I have had to accept that I shall not change the world. In the meantime we can but pray this Christmas Time for peace in the Middle East and for a fairer world at home and abroad.

We send you our love,   Charlie and Debbie

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