We managed three trips to France this year: Villard in the snow and in June, and both Villard and St Raphael in August. 
Spring was late in the mountains and so June was alive with flowers and butterflies. In August, for some reason, we kept seeing deer.

Last December I completed my terms of service on two central Quaker Committees.  After years of regular trips to London I was ready for a break. Last week I received a letter asking if I would consider joining another one next year.
The hedges are cut and the shreddings ready to add to the compost heap. The autumn crocuses are over, the leaves are off the trees. We have picked our meagre apple crop, and I managed to fall of the ladder while doing it. So life goes on. Most of the big political challenges remain, but we do what we can within our limitations, and meantime we have a lot of fun. We hope that you do too.
We send our love and best wishes for a very Happy Christmas.

Debbie and Charlie

Nick, Bethan, josiah & Matilda at a café in St Raphael.                                   Debbie with Matilda et al feeding the fish.