Last year we reported two new grandchildren. We don’t have any new ones this year, but the four we have continue to delight their parents, grandparents and great-grandparents.
It is wonderful to see them enquiring, learning and acquiring new skills. We are fortunate to see them so often, and even more fortunate to be so welcomed with smiles and cuddles. I had, however, forgotten quite how tiring small children are, and I know that there will be sighs of relief all round when they are all sleeping through the night.

Josiah and Reuben each had a celebration party.
Josiah’s was in the village hall with Nick’s band and Sol and Alice not only managed to get to there but were seen on the dance floor.
Reuben’s party was in the garden with a bouncy castle and though Debbie’s parents got there I am glad to say that they did not attempt the bouncy castle. They had had some falls earlier in the year and though the broken bones seem well and truly mended we would rather they didn’t push their luck. 
Alice now has a stair lift which gives Dylan a lot of fun, though she still regards it with some suspicion.


Photos clockwise from top right:

Michelle with Reuben & Dylan,

Matilda with Josiah,

Sol and Alice dancing at Josiah’s party.

Dylan on his bike, Alistair with Josiah & Reuben, Bethan